Sperm whale nursing

Lovely day! The wind told us “it’s not gonna be a good day ” but the sun said “go ahead, something good is waiting for you!”

The boat “Cetus” was resting for today but “Quatro ventos” and skipper Mario brought us to the place for this new challenge. The sun illuminated our faces while we were going to the east of the island. Czech, spanish, german and portuguese visitors and our biologist team were not imaging the surprise that expect us. A beautiful rainbow appeared, telling us don’t give up! Voilá! Our lookout watched a lovely mother and calf of sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus)!

11 minutes of love on the surface. The mother was all the time with her baby who was about 5 m of longitude and she was the double of it. Both were breathing, recovering, swimming slowly and very calm. The baby was still small and it looked like drinking mother milk and fighting a bit with the waves, trying to keep up with its mother. What a tender moment!

Sperm whales reproduce almost every five to seven years after 14-16 months gestation period , then a single calf about 4 m is born. So, at the end we won the battle against the wind, it took our words away but we will keep this image in our minds and the marvelous picture of them!

Back in the office we checked our catalogue and found a whale called Rainbow which seems quite similar. Would be curious if this individual which was photographed the first time in 2013 as juvenile and named like this because there was a rainbow around appearing on a rainbow day again.
Do you want to see a sperm whale in a intimate moment like this? Do not wait more and come with our biologist team to learn about their behavior and more!

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