A wonderful day with Sei whales

“Baleias a vista!” Whale hunters used to say that and then would go for them, here in the Azores, 80 years ago. Nowadays the hunting time is past and the lookouts pass this message to let us know when and where is time for visiting, studying and protecting the whales and we definitely did it today!

It could not be a better day! All the feelings came out and we could not avoid screaming when we found two Sei whales (Balaenoptera borealis)! How did we know the species? Have a look at our website and know more about their characteristics! One slightly bigger than the other, they were with us. Or were we with them? We think it is the second option, we are the ones going to their home! They were navigating slowly and peacefully, sometimes close to our boat. Meanwhile, our biologist team was taking data about their behavior and taking pictures to know who is who! We already have more than 50 individuals of this species recognized! But the whales were not the only protagonists on this sunny day!

Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) were having a feast! Sardines were swimming away from them, jumping, going from one side then to the other! We could see the climax of the dolphins feeding!

Cory’s shearwaters (Calonectris diomedea) and yellow legged gulls (Larus michahelli atlantis) were guests as well, taking advantage of that great opportunity. It was like a National Geographic moment!

Atlantic spotted dolphins were also part of the trip! Playing with the waves that our boat Quatro Ventos created.

Wow! What a wildlife and what a lucky day! Sei Whales, the third largest animals of nature, were here today to tell us we are here, we survived and we were there to witness it!

Do you want to be the next lucky person? Do not think too much and let’s live together this extraordinary experience!

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