A Bryde’s whale and dolphins in São Miguel

bryde whale

As it was raining slightly at the beginning we had several rainbows decorating the sky. After a short time we encountered a group of Bottlenose Dolphins which approached the boat and acompaigned us for a while.

Then it was possible to see the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in a huge group most of the ones coming close were young ones without spots.

Further to the west we had the chance to find a baleen whale. It is not always easy to tell the species apart but if we get a good look at them we can identify the species considering a few typical features. Today the feeding whale showed its head several times while surfacing through the swell and at one point it approach us straight from the front and we could clearly see the three ridges on top of the whales head which are characteristic for this species. Together with the foraging Bryde’s whale there were a lot of seabirds like the Great Shearwater, the Cory Shearwater, the Yellow legged Seagull and the Common Tern going after the shoals of fish.

The Bryde’s Whale was rolling under the water several times to its side and its brighter underside was shimmering through the water surface. This sighting of the Bryde’s whale was quite special as we could watch it very well even below the water when it swam along our boat.

Later we came across Atlantic Spotted Dolphins again we saw more of the adult individuals heavily spotted but also a very tiny new born swimming alongside its mom. The way back we made in calm waters close to the coast being happy.

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