What an amazing morning!

whales azores

Leaving the marina, no one could have guessed what the ocean was saving for us today. The first species we encountered was the Atlantic spotted dolphins, a seasonal species that only appears in the Azores when the water temperature rises, the group, of about 80 individuals, brought joy and excitement to a otherwise cloudy day.

Continuing our trip, our lookouts informed us that they had seen some big animals a bit further away, and as soon as we got there, surprise of the day, two huge Sei whales, we got to see many blows from these two animals, and one of them even gave us a peak of its pectoral fins.

Of course, the trip would not be complete without our resident species, and sure enough, after some time of waiting and searching, a sperm whale surfaced and left everybody enthusiastic making it worth every second of the waiting.

On the return, feeling lucky after seeing 3 different species in one morning, a group of common dolphins, another one of our resident cetaceans, approached the boat making it the cherry on the top of this amazing trip.

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