This morning the sea was full of life and surprises!

With a total of three species, we started our trip with resident species, a huge group of bottlenose dolphins! The group was full of babies, these animals live in groups, they were looking for fish.

After leaving the group, we found a lonely sperm whale resting on the surface, then, we were trying to look for more sperm whales but we found a bigger animal, a baleen whale. There were two sei whales, a mother and its baby, and although they were quite shy, we could find the blows and see them very clearly.

Before returning to Ponta Delgada we found the last surprise, we saw another lonely sperm whale but suddenly, it started to appear a lot of them, there were around six sperm whales close to our boat!

What an amazing spectacle, such a big and magnificent animals traveling all together!

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