Sei whales passing

Today the sun decided to hide during the morning trip and the wind was a bit strong. Our lookout reported that our Mr liable was back, but when we reached the area, we only had a chance to see his tail. When we see Mr Liable tail we already know that the waiting time can be between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

As we were feeling the swell, we went a little further out where we observed 2 sei whales! It is not common to observe this species at this time of the year… but nature always likes to surprise us and it seems that this mother and child are enjoying staying here. 😊

Then we observed another blow!! It was a juvenile sperm whale that was playing with the waves and said goodbye with its tail.

Not far away we met our favorite friends… The common dolphins!! It was a group with about 70 animals jumping and playing near our boat.

We started our return when, surprise surprise, we saw another blow! We ended up with a sperm whale that was resting on the surface! Wow. What a trip!!

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