Another great day out in the sea with whales and dolphins!

Today the weather was promising and so were the animals. As we were leaving the marina a glassy sea welcomed us in, the water was so blue as if inviting us for a swim, but our purpose was to see animals and out we went!

After our lookout informed us that a sei whale was around, we started heading out of the coast. As we were getting close, a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins called for our attention but the whale couldn’t wait, so we didn’t stop and kept on going, promising them we would come back.

When we arrived in the area we noticed that there were two adult sei whales, travelling slow and calmly coming to the surface to breathe. A very beautiful sighting, not only because the animals were great but also because the sea conditions were perfect. During the time we were with the whales, a group of bottlenose dolphins was always there, in the horizon, until they joined the whales. All of a sudden one of the sei whales came to the surface with its mouth open, that’s when we realised that the animals were feeding! An incredible sighting for our guests because they got to see the huge mouth of the whale.

After, we decided it was time to go back to the spotted dolphins that immediately greeted us by bow riding and jumping in front of our boat. It’s always a delight to see this species, because not only they’re seen in big groups but also because they always have many babies! After giving us an amazing show, we decided it was time to go see the bottlenose dolphins, today this species was all around in the horizon, we just had to pick a group. Just like the spotted dolphins, these were also jumping around giving us a show, proving once again that we don’t need to go to an aquarium to see dolphins doing tricks!

As we were getting close to the marina, another group of bottlenose dolphins decided to welcome us back in.

Another great day out in the sea!

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