Sperm whales breaching, lobtailing and diving for feeding…Amazing summer day in São Miguel!

Summer arrive to stay wiiii!!!

In the morning and afternoon tour we could see sperm whales doing everything… lobtailing, breaching, going for a feeding dive and doing shallow dive. Looks like that sperm whales are really in the mood to be here out of Sao Miguel. These group of sperm whales is the same that have been spotted in last days. Really greatfull animals. 

But not only sperm whales were around, also we saw our resident species common dolphin, we were with them in the morning and afternoon, they were with a nice behavior going close to the boats and doing bow-riding. 

To add, we saw our tourist from the sea, a huge group of atlantic spotted dolphins was sighted in the afternoon, the seawater is getting warm so probably we are going to see more this lovely species.

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